Humor Quotes

 GMO's are no laughing matter, but as Monsanto may snicker at the fact
that they don't have to label their organisms, the jokes on them.
We once successfully  looked for the "union label" to make
a change. now we GOT Non GMO's labels to save the day

I can easily predict the weather with amazing accuracy 
because I have a good head on my shoulders

"Children are like wet cement.Whatever falls
on them, makes an impression"
~ Haim Ginolt

"Humor is a reminder that 
no matter how high the throne 
one sits on one's bottom"
~ Taki

"If you ever dream of beating me, you'd better wake up and apologize"
                                                                                                        ~ Mohammed Ali

I remember as a kid, I couldn't stand to hear Mohammed Ali rant about how "great" he was. I thought he was loud and obnoxious.  Later in life as an adult, I learned from a documentary of his life, that he was acclaiming the right to be recognized and treated respectfully as a fighter, and not as a lesser human because of his race. I admire him for making such a bold and dangerous stand.  What I thought was an awful display of character was in fact, an admirable one.  Instead of a man who thought too much of himself, he was actually a man who was fighting for justice and human rights

Ali the greatest sportsman,  fighter for justice, and  funny man